Who we are

Creating a sustainable, civically engaged community requires a strong ground game, much of which happens the old fashioned way: door knocking, phone banking, telling a friend—very doable micro-actions that we are beginning to structure throughout the community. Online recruitment,get out the vote strategy, collateral design, digital marketing, fundraising, and lobbying—these require even more training. MassMuslims holds civic trainings on these topics, where members are asked to start with a simple commitment:to vote. From there, members go through a pipeline of actions with their peers, and quickly establish the leadership skills to mobilize—and to impart what they’ve learned to others. Much of the appeal is that the program is social and fun in nature, and there is a shared belief that this is the work of our generation.

Press room

MassMuslims’, Nadeem Mazen and Muslim Justice League’s Shannon Erwin stopped by WGBH studios to talk to Jim Baude.

Watch Nadeem and Shannon talk about the “Next Generation” of Muslim leaders, what it means for the Great Boston community, and the importance of claiming our identities in a post-9/11 environment.

Find the video here.


MassMuslims was on the front page story of the July 2nd edition of the Boston Globe! Lisa Wangsness reports how MassMuslims is leading the way for a more active presence in the Muslim and Great Boston community. Our lead organizer Fahim Sinha also talks about collective responsibility in the community.

Find the article here.

Upcoming Events

Public forums where Muslims can come together is long overdue. Race, class, and gender bring intersecting issues both real and relevant. Now, more than ever, there is a ‘latent’ desire to congregate and to stand up for issues concerning social justice and the community at large. That means building a space where civic presence, commitment to organizing, and discussion meet: a town hall.

Town Halls are our vital civic spaces. MassMuslims is commited to building a Muslim community that is informed, equipped, and aware of the these issues – and prepared for the future.

A Muslim Vote is on the rise. And lawmakers are noticing. Community partners and allies are coming together and sharing their resources but what about voters themselves? How can we, as individuals and as a community “speak truth to power”? What is the future of the Muslim community in the face of Federal surveillance programs? How can we include Indigenous American Muslims into the conversation?

Join us this November as we converge on the State House on Beacon Hill to lobby our lawmakers.